DLIMH supports reading 100%, but what if your child has difficulties in reading. 1st grade often has children reading ahead of the pack and some behind. Hopefully those struggling students are given more time in small group reading and more tutoring time. It is important parents understand they play a big role here. Sometimes systematic phonics and practice are not enough. Reading difficulties are complex. I know firsthand that bright children can have disabilities and issues which impede their reading progress. Ask questions from professionals. Pay attention. Watch what works and what doesn't. Trust your instincts. Schools with reading specialists which offer added support are important, but mentors and volunteers can be used as well. Remember children learn at different rates. Children have varied skill sets. My struggling reader is creative, athletic, kind, innovative, hardworking, and a happy well-adjusted adult now. it was a long and winding journey. Be patient. Be present. Be supportive. You are not alone!