Family Matters to DLIMH!


On Instagram this month DLIMH is focusing on FAMILY. There are many kinds of family. For "Dinosaurs Living in My Hair" we have a family that has worked together for three years to take the DLIMH creation/idea and bring it to life. Chris Schechner is one of our DLIMH family members. He's a behind-the-scenes kind of family member who doesn't get a lot of attention, but without Chris's expertise and experience in graphic design, our product would not be what it is today. 

As founder of Schechner and Associates, his goal has always been to choreograph my rhymes with Anni Matsick’s illustrations to create an extraordinary product. With more than ten DLIMH book awards (including a few honorable mentions) it is evident he has succeeded in his role expertly. 

“Chris Schechner has been an art director, designer and illustrator for nearly 40 years. He brings a conceptual and personal approach to clients’ projects that he developed through ad agency, printing company and not-for-profit positions. He uses this experience to create art that is not only visually arresting, but which produces results.”
Visit his website for more information about Chris and Schechner & Associates.

As we begin to put DLIMH 2 (still no title) together, I am grateful Chris is part of our family. It is reassuring to know our second book in the DLIMH series is in such capable and creative hands!