So what has the last year taught DLIMH? I can answer honestly by saying, "SO MUCH!" We are active in the Instagram world and have organically grown our followers to almost 900. There are still posts on Facebook and on the Website Blog, however, we are finding more brand recognition with our Instagram family. This holiday season we are partnering with Charlotte Filshie, of London, England, who is providing us with notecards (w/white envelopes) and coloring books to sell in conjunction with the DLIMH book. We also have new wrap bracelets being handmade specifically for DLIMH from a creative great friend. They are adorable, can be worn by boys and girls alike, and each have a dinosaur charm dangling down. Trust me when I tell you they are amazing for the price! 

We continue to have our limited edition of handmade dolls which are each numbered and signed on their wooden stand and the barrettes created by Jane Tran. 

Visit our SHOP to see a variety of buying options. Gifts will arrive beautifully packaged and can be given without additional wrapping. Questions can be emailed anytime to 

Photos for the website were taken by John F. Martin Photography, Inc. Visit our "Shout Out" page to see our vendors, boutiques, bookstores, and supporters of our "Dinosaurs Living in My Hair" brand. 2017 will be here shortly and we look forward to introducing our second DLIMH book!