WMU - Children's Place

I had so much fun reading at the Western Michigan University Children's Learning Center! The kids were awesome and came up with a great name for my travel dinosaur ~ "Blue!"  These three and four year olds were very attentive to the reading of Dinosaurs Living in My Hair. We discussed the definition of carnivore and herbivore. One teacher and one student consider themselves to be an herbivore . . . no meat for them! The excitement and enthusiasm displayed by these little ones and their teachers was incredible. We colored lots of pictures and they sang their dinosaur song to me. We stomped around their classroom and I quickly followed their lead. I will never think of Kalamazoo, Michigan without remembering their great smiles and hugs. I wish I could have left "Blue" there to live. I need him though to travel around the country. The students were very sad to see him go.