The Bug

One of DLIMH author Jayne M. Rose-Vallee's favorite poems from "Patsy Dowd's Book of Treasure Poems and Recitations." "The Bug" is often read at school readings and works well with young children for its easy rhyme and humorous ending!


The Bug

Mother took me to church one day

And I was awful good;

I sat when all the folkses sat

And even when they stood.

And pretty soon a BUG came out,

The way bugs sometimes do,

And crawled along the seat in front

Which was my grandma’s pew.

When I poked Mother so she’d see,

She only shook her head at me –

Wouldn’t even stop to look,

But kept on reading in her book.

And then it crawled on Grandpa’s sleeve –

The bug was cold, I do believe,

‘Cause pretty soon, just as I feared,

It reached his neck and disappeared!

W.B. Tooke