Story Monsters Ink Review!

A big thank you to all the folks at Story Monsters Ink and especially Ms. Darleen Wohlfeil who wrote such a wonderful review of "Dinosaus Living in My Hair!" Check it out in this month's issue!

"Where to begin? The excitement giggles, and thoughts play hopscotch. One jumps here and another there, and before I know it, I’ve jumped to both sides with each foot on a square. The illustrations test my vocabulary, amazing seems too simple, creative too vague. The words are like lyrics and the tempo just flows. The rhyme stays with you from page to page. The content is relatable. Who has grown up without a hair issue along the way? This is definitely a top notch team! Each one strongly compliments the other. The pictures give life to the words, and the words so express the images, and both capture and complete the content perfectly. It’s fun! It’s lively! It’s sure to create moments of laughter in your story time. Take time to explore the drawings. They are delightful. And you just might see ... no ... it can’t be. But wait, it just might be…. "