Paint Chip Poetry


As part of National Poetry Month, ROSEVALLEE CREATIONS and DLIMH will be exploring some of our favorite poems and poetry-related activities.

Once students experiment with poetry, they learn that they have another outlet for communicating their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This activity asks kids to think about how colors feel, smell, sound and look. It is a good idea to review the 5 senses as a prewriting tool to this project.

- Pens/Pencils
- Paint Chips from your local hardware store. This works best with paint chips that are segregated in varying color saturations. Behr Samples are particularly good because they are so large.

To begin, we recommend passing out the paint chips and then brainstorming with the following questions:
What things LOOK like the color?
What things SOUND like the color?
What things SMELL like the color?
How does the color FEEL?
What makes you FEEL the color?
What does the color TASTE like?
What EXPERIENCES OR IDEAS seem like the color?
Does the color remind you of any PLACES?

There is also a great worksheet here:

The finished product makes a colorful display for any classroom (or fridge!)

Many thanks to and for the inspiration!