JOY CHO is a graphic designer by trade who has become a successful entrepreneur with her "OH JOY" brand. Early in her career she started at a boutique advertising agency in New York. In 2005 she launched "OH JOY." Her blog was started before blogging was a "thing." She has worked with Target, Anthropologie, and Banana Republic to name a few. She advocates the importance of staying true to your brand. Target uses the marketing line, "Modern pieces for everyday living" to describe her "OH JOY" line. Google her and you'll see for yourself, she's the real deal!


One of her IG posts asked for donations for a diaper drive she was sponsoring. She offered a free consultation through a drawing to those who participated. Rosevallee Creations won. Little did we know what this meant. She spent one hour with us on a phone call and shared her expertise, suggestions, experience, and lessons she's learned with grace and poise. Check out her blog, her website,, her products, her IG @ohjoy, and look for her products at your nearest Target store. 

We are incredibly grateful for her help and assistance. We will always be a fan! She's a living example of someone who uses #payitforward in her everyday life as a matter of course. #notbecauseshehastobutbecauseshewantsto. We proudly add this relationship to a growing list of collaborators and friends.



An example of her branding & products:


Once again, we've partnered with Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies to design bandages that help cover up cuts and scrapes. The newest BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy! and First Aid Kit by Oh Joy! add a playful twist to iconic first aid staples. Available at all Target stores and