On Thursday, March 9th, I visited Poupard Elementary School (Grosse Pointe Public School located in Harper Woods, MI). 
It was the day after a giant wind storm forcefully blew in and left over a million MI residents without power. Many students were absent, however we had a great time with those in attendance. 
I had three groups of students throughout the day, Young 5's/Kindergarten, 1st Graders, and 2nd Graders. The photographs below are the very talented 1st Graders who took their instructions to "Color outside-the-lines" and to "Use your Imagination!" very seriously. Even their teachers joined in the fun. Highlights included a special fondness for sparkly crayons. When you look closely at their coloring you will notice they are incredible. The students were extremely proud and rightfully so.  This was perhaps one of the best coloring groups I've had. Although I say that often! Their smiles continue to add to the ones held in my heart and I think, one day, I will explode out of fondness for all these children I get to meet. My visit was coordinated by Poupard's Reading Specialist, Lori Ann Woznicki, who couldn't have been more welcoming. I am grateful for this opportunity!